liquidcurez (liquidcurez) wrote in bigpicture,

Please VOTE me with "10" >THANK YOU

I recently found a site where you can post pictures & possibly get them printed on a Jones Soda label! I have ALWAYS wanted some of my photo work published...So, the more votes that I get that are a "10" the better :) Please vote a "10" when you do a search in the gallery for ___Bluewinkx__ on all the photos there! THANKS TO ALL!!! Please pass the site & my photos (& how to vote) onto anyone you think would appreciate them.

REMEMBER: Be kind >or karma will haunt you< :O

The site is really cool, so take a look around too...

Anyone that wants to chat come find me on aim:Bluewinkx

-or-drop me a line sometime on my Lj:Liquidcurez

*I have better photowork than this (its just not scanned onto a pc or disc yet)*
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